The Antillean islands in World War 2

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On 4 May 1957 we honoured all victims of World War 2 on Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Martin, as has become our tradition since 1945. But 1957 was a special year, because on all the islands WW2 monuments were unveiled. After years of research, a committee led by Shon Cai Winkel had presented a list of 129 Antillean warvictims. Their names were engraved on the monuments.

When the war monument in Willemstad was presented to the population, His Excellency Dr. E. Jonckheer, the first Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles, spoke these words about the ones we lost:

"For we all realise that so many were charged by the ideal of saving their fellow men for the destruction of civilisation. Civilisation of countries overseas, our civilisation and your civilisation, they exist and flourish because of our victory in a war in which they had such a great part. The monument that has just been unveiled has been erected on Curaçao, part of the Netherlands Antilles, quietly reflected in the waters of the Waaigat. Every year we will gather here, but we can not restrict ourselves to the victims of Curaçao alone. My thoughts go out to all our victims in the Netherlands Antilles, who fell during WW2, to our victims in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and to the victims of other nations, who fought this war shoulder to shoulder with us. Every year we will remember those who fell as soldiers, as sailors or as civilians in other circumstances. We spend only a few moments here, but their deeds will last eternally, as they are immortal"

This website is dedicated to all victims of World War 2 on and around the islands, both our own and our Allied partners.

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USS ERIE page tells the story of the attack on this ship and the fate of her crew.

A/C ACCIDENTS page lists the US aircraft and their crews that were lost on and around the islands.

SUBM ATTACKS page is a testimony to the Allied personnel on ships who lost their lives in Uboat attacks.

CSM STRIKE page relates the tragic events that ended a strike of Chinese personnel on CSM tankers.

OTHER VICTIMS page gives the details of our own and Allied persons, both military and civilian, who lost their lives in non-combat circumstances.

SURVIVORS page shows information on survivors of Uboat attacks.

OHK page lists Antillean seamen who received a medal for serving on Allied ships during wartime, for a period of at least six months.

WAR CHARTS page gives an overview of significant acts of war that took place on and around the islands between 1940 and 1945.

THE BOOK page provides information on the book about the islands during WW2.

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